I’m still here……

Dear All

No excuses – its just that I don’t have the time these days for a podcast.

I’m really sorry about that, as I really enjoy doing them, but I seem to be working twice as many hours as I used to (no extra money!), and there’s nothing left in the tank at the end of the week for a chat to my friends in podcast land.

I was just doing some housekeeping this morning on my mac and I spotted this abandoned favourite in my Safari bar, I had a look, and couldn’t leave without saying something.

I’m still paying for the hosting etc, in the hope that I can get this going again. The mic is still on my desk, looking at me, like a sad puppy.

I really appreciate all the messages I have had over the last month asking about my well being. I really do.

In the meantime the tech world has moved on in its unstoppable progress.


The Apple Watch came out – I’m wearing mine now and love it.

Bigger iPads announced, another iPhone – not for me this time.

Windows 10 is here (yawn)

A new Apple Tv – now that does pique my interest!

In the meantime, I have been playing with kodi (XBMC) on the Amazon Fire Tv and Stick – which I recommend as a bit of a hobby project. My iPad mini has been replaced by the iPad Air 2 (by work – its the least they could do!), and I’ve been given a new company car – a big BMW – the Mini alas has gone back to the lease Company (I always keep a look out for Mikey the Mini!)

Please continue to email etc – I felt better after writing just those few words! Maybe thats the solution, at least to write a few bits until I have the time to Podcast again.

Speak to you all soon!

Scouts honour.



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Screenshot 2014-08-19 17.36.42

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