Episode 101 – Are You Being Served?

A couple of listener rants on poor customer service. This podcast is being produced on a 7 year old Powerbook G4 – what do you think?

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Episode 66 – Microsoft’s Vail is a #FAIL

After missing last week’s show because of flu, I croak and splutter through this week’s episode. I moan about Microsoft and their support of Windows Home Server.

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7200rpm – does it make a difference?

Is it really worth upgrading from a 5400rpm drive to a 7200rpm one? I didn’t know, so I thought I would put it to the test!

I ordered a Western Digital 20gb scorpio black drive from www.ebuyer.com for £50, to replace the stock Fujitsu 5400rpm drive that came with my Aluminium late 2008 MacBook.

I timed them both and the results are stunning. The 7200rpm will boot at nearly twice the speed! And every program that starts, does so at a blistering pace!

My only gripe is the slight vibration now running through the MacBook, but its only slight and I don’t think it will bother me!

Lacie desktop USB 2.0 1tb drive – it’s a BIG one!

My first drive was a fujitsu 20mb (yes, thats megabytes, not gigabytes!). It was part of a project some 20 years ago, to try and add  a hard drive to my Atari StE 520. I got it working in the end, at a cost of nearly £300. This, in conjunction with a hardware PC emulator (PC Speed?), was my very first foray into the world of PCs and DOS (no Windows then).  So when this box arrived from Amazon, with a black hard drive inside it, the size a f a paperback book, boasting a capacity of 500 times more, at the quarter of the price, I had to pause in wonder at how quickly things have progressed in the gadget world.
Lacie 1tb Drive

Lacie 1tb Drive

This 1tb drive is not bursting with features.  It just has a power socket and a USB 2 socket.  It DOES come loaded with lots of backup software but I never use that anyway.

I plugged this baby straight into my Windows Home server and it was recognised straight away.  The OS formatted it accordingly, and within 5 minutes was ready to go.

I own 2 other Lacie drives (the Porsche design ones at 500gb), one for my iMac running Time Machine, and one plugged into my Apple TV. So far they have been very reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending them!

Buy the Lacie 1tb drive here!

LaCie Desktop Hard Disk 1TB USB2.0