Amazon and LoveFilm and the £20 incentive that never was

Do you see the email above. I was sent this by Amazon.

I signed up to the deal, had my free trial. Paid a month’s subscription (to qualify for the £20 offer), and then cancelled, mainly due to the shocking condition of the discs I was receiving, usually scratched, covered in marks, and unplayable.

That was 3 months ago.

I am still waiting for my £20 gift certificate.

Lovefilm are telling me they are out if stock! (of a code???), and Amazon, listen to this, are saying, it’s got nothing to do with them! Hang on, let’s back up a bit. Who sent me the email? That’s right, Amazon!

I’m still waiting Lovefilm.

Is it just me, or has anyone else fallen foul of this sharp practise?

Episode 23- The future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades!

Wow – what a week! The iPad is announced – I give you my thoughts on it. Good and bad. A great bargain of the week – in fact I bought it this afternoon (and it wasn’t on line!)


It’s all about the iPad!

The OS

The  hardware

The Accessories

What will I do with it?

Scammers exploit iPad fever!

Sky Launches 3D TV in Pubs (so what?)

Bargain of the Week

HP Deskjet 2480 – £34.24 from staples plus even more goodies thrown in.

App of the Week


iPhone (or iPad) app of the Week

Pixel Mags eg Mac User

It’s Day 1 of 2010 – and my resolutions this year are…?

What is is about New Year’s Day? People try to commit to things that will only last a few days, be it a change in behaviour or lose weight. I suppose it is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. It’s been a little while since I wrote anything on my blog, and 13 days since my last podcast, due to the Xmas break.

I’ve decided therefore to put finger to keyboard and cover my personal resolutions (geek related) for 2010, and drop a couple of predictions in.

  1. Write more blog entries! It’s hard. I started this website just over 1 year ago, and there are over 200 posts, but most of those in the first six months. I DO underestimate how many people read it. For example my review on the Ion Contour USB turntable has had thousands of hits. I suppose it’s about picking mass appeal subjects that have had poor coverage on the web. That particular gadget has had very few reviews. I bought one, I reviewed it. I struggle with reviewing ANYTHING that I haven’t used extensively, or have a passion about.
  2. Keep the podcast going. 19 shows later, its been a mild success, and a lot of fun. Hitting top 100 gadget shows on iTunes. I do want more listener feedback though. With over 300 listeners per show at the moment, not enough people contribute. I would like to build a community, but it’s bloody difficult!
  3. Make the podcasts more professional. I think I need a permanent theme tune, so growing its brand identity. (something in a church setting perhaps). I also need a tighter format – but I will not use a script – I want it to stay natural.
  4. Grow . This has been a little spin off from the blogging and the podcast. I’m trying to build a little online retail business selling accessories for iphones, iPods, and eventually everything gadget related. I’ve still to find the killer product. Any ideas drop me a line.
  5. Twitter more….or should I? Twitter has really lost much of its appeal to me recently. It has become the way of spamming – my inbox filling everyday with cons and scams. There are some great things about it, but I have turned now to an aggregator (Twitter Times) which means I do more reading than posting.
  6. Be less AppleCentric. As much as I love apple products, I must be meaner to them, and more critical. I’ve had a real reliability problem with their products recently. I am selling my old Time Capsule on Ebay, because of it’s “flakiness”. It just isn’t good enough!
  7. Buy an Apple Tablet – in complete contradiction to point 6. I want one, and I don’t even know what it can do yet!.But imagine a full colour eReader with video and 3g? WOW!

That’ll do for now – I’ll expand a little on the next podcast – show 20.

Have a great 2010 – send me your resolutions – and I’ll broadcast those too!

Scam attempt fails but in the most polite way imaginable


These Nigerian 419 scammers are busy men – after all, their hit rate HAS to be unfeasibly low, so we suppose they can be excused from hanging around and dragging things out once they’ve been sussed by a potential victim.

That’s what happened in this delightful but brief online chat between scammer Robert Dutu and no-nonsense bullshit detector Mike Nash. Dutu tried to pull the scam, Nash rebuffed him, then they both went their separate ways and no one got hurt.

It’s so beautiful we could almost cry.

via Scam attempt fails but in the most polite way imaginable | BitterWallet.

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor £29.99 from Gamestation – or is it a scam?

Thought I got a bargain this morning in Gamestation.  An Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor for £29.99, IF you buy a new xbox product. So, after deliberating over the in-store advertising for about 3 seconds, I chose a £4.99 game and went to the till. But they didn’t have any to sell! No more will come in, no-one else has them! Bah, humbug!

I have written to the nice people at Gamestation (below) – to see what they think – especially as there’s loads of stock on their website – not at £29.99 but at £59.99!

The Elusive Xbox 360 adaptor

The Elusive Xbox 360 adaptor

“I must say how disappointed I am after  trying to buy a wireless xbox 360 network adaptor from your stores. I went into the Maidenhead store this morning and picked up on you fantastic offer of buying an adaptor for £29.99, if you buy new product. I took the case to the till to be told they were out of stock, they weren’t getting anymore, and no other Gamestation in the country had them (the salesman was obviously a genius as he didn’t need to check the till to tell me all this).  I come home to discover that your website has lots of stock but at the unseasonally humbug price of £59.99!

Can you tell me please how I can obtain one of these wonderful devices for the price advertised in your stores? Or has the season of goodwill come to an end already?




Hello David,

Thanks for your email.

Here at the prices and bundles that are advertised may be different to the ones that are advertised in the Gamestation stores. This is because the Gamestation website and the Gamestation stores both operated as separate entities and therefore both have different prices.

When prices and bundles do differ the store will not be able to match the price that is on the Gamestation website and vice versa.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 345 0335 or drop us an email.


John Patrick
Email Administrator

This is just an email sent by a Robot!

Anyway, I went to the High Wycombe branch today where the deal was again heavily advertised – lots of empty packets on display but no stock.  I then went to Bracknell where I was told the deal finished on the 1st!  Does anyone at Gamestation know what they are doing?

Have you been scammed in the Sales or at Xmas?  Let me know and I’ll take it up for you!

Email me here: