Episode 126 – Ranting in the Rain

Its wet wet wet here tonight. I rant not once, not twice, but 3 times! I explain why I’ve cancelled my Nexus 7 order, and how do get a CHEAP phone contract!

Save lots of money by clicking this link! – Honest!

Navigon boosts iPhone app to version 2.1, discounts purchases through July 16th — Engadget

Google Nexus 7 tablet to be introduced without film purchases or music service – Telegraph

Fans set to miss out at Silverstone‎ as rain leaves thousands stranded – Telegraph

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet hits the iFixit teardown labs — Engadget

Only 10-Per Cent of Androids Have Ice Cream Sandwich After Eight Months | Gizmodo UK

Google Lat Long: Go indoors at locations across the United Kingdom

Microsoft Draws the Windows Home Server Era to a Close | We Got Served

7.85-Inch iPad to Ramp Up Production in September at Foxconn Brazil – Mac Rumors

BitTorrent Torque alpha puts file seeds on the web, makes desktop apps look stale — Engadget

Line Out Audio Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

BBC News – Who will want YouView?


Episode 76 – Keep Calm and Carry On

Four rants to begin with this week! Then a bit of a ramble as usual, around news stories that “tickled my fancy”

The iPhone Killed the Flip Video Camera

Bloggers take legal action over Huffington Post sale | Media | guardian.co.uk

Arianna Huffington scorns ‘painful’ blogger lawsuit – Telegraph


Websites now offering hack-free iPhone unlocking

MagicPlan app magically creates interactive floor plans

Avatron Software: Air Display

12 Months of Mobile Internet on T-Mobile for £15 – Any Good? – HotUKDeals

Say Hello and .WAV Goodbye

Apple Care Plan for iMac (MC257ZM/A) – dabs.com

iPad Resellers Now Camp Overnight at Apple Stores – NYTimes.com

Add-in Update: WHS Phone for Android v1.3 Beta | We Got Served

How-To: Configure Time Machine with Windows Home Server 2011

so that new “Fahrenheit” weather app is no good? – MacRumors Forums


Episode 66 – Microsoft’s Vail is a #FAIL

After missing last week’s show because of flu, I croak and splutter through this week’s episode. I moan about Microsoft and their support of Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server 2011 Fails To Deliver Consumer Friendly Storage — MediaSmartServer.net

Setting Up My MediaSmart EX495 (part 1 of 2) From “The HP MediaSmart EX495 Experience with Lou Jacob: MediaSmart Home

Basic Strategy for Beginners – CivFanatics

Civilization on the app Store

2D Boy: Games

O2 plans free and open WiFi network across the UK, Sky picks up The Cloud — Engadget

BBC NEWS | UK | Crime maps delivered on internet

SuperSync Demo Movie

Switchers: Get “Learn the Switch to Mac” for a buck in the Mac App Store

Episode 31 – Vote for Me

No, I don’t mean vote for me in the General Election on Thursday, but a review on iTunes would be nice. A typical British Bank Holiday weekend – wet and windy. (the weather that is!)

2 great listener comments today, plus news of my new macBook Pro, and an update on my new wireless cameras, plus lots of great website recommendations.


Best Buy opens Store at Lakeside

Hulu not coming to the UK,

but Netflix might be…

try www.seesaw.com in the meantime

HP buys Palm

Readers Comments


Digital Economy Bill



WHS – Vail

SeeSaw on Boxee?

Episode 6 – The Case of the Missing Servers

Podcast 6 coming to you from a sunny Maidenhead.

A couple of rants this week about HP and 2 very poor examples of customer service.


HP MediaSmart – new servers but not in the UK

More poor service from Laskys.com

Recycling your mobile phone – a few pitfalls

Website of the Week


iPhone App of the Week



Gadget of the Week

Blog post about the Power Monkey

Portable power and solar chargers – Home of the powermonkey, powergorilla and solargorilla portable chargers

in Car technology

Bargain of the week

Rainbow Double CD – 79p


2 new HP MediaSmart WHS PCs – (but STILL not in the UK)


While there are still some Snow Leopard users who are cursing HP and Apple for incompatible or nonexistent drivers for a variety of printers that worked well under Leopard, HP has made an announcement that shows that they really do love all things Apple.

HP today announced two new MediaSmart servers, the US$549 HP MediaSmart Server EX490 (1 TB of storage) and the US$699 HP MediaSmart Server EX495 (1.5 TB of storage). Like their predecessors, the two new servers are based on Microsoft Windows Home Server.

HP obviously listened to the concerns of Mac users while designing the new servers, since a Windows PC is no longer required in order for administration. Instead, Mac owners can use Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop Connection for Mac 2.0 to log in and make changes. The servers are also Time Machine friendly, and include a new HP utility that allows bare metal recovery of machines backed up onto the server.

Also new to the servers is the HP Media Collector, which automatically collects and organizes media files from Macs or PCs on a network, and then makes the data available for streaming over the Internet. There’s also a new HP Video Converter utility for automatically converting unprotected DVDs into a format that can played at home or remotely.

For iPod touch or iPhone users, HP has made the free MediaSmart Server iStream app available in the App Store. Using this app, Apple fans can view their pictures, watch their videos, and listen to music, all streamed from their HP MediaSmart server.

Intriguing? Take a look at more information on HP’s Web site.

via Iphone — TUAW.

iconfessimageek note: As yet there is no UK release date. Listen to my rant on this Friday’s podcast!

HP LX195 MediaSmart Server unboxing in the UK

Yes, my imported HP Mediasmart LX195 server finally arrived from the good old US of A!

Plugged in and worked straight away – and now I am backing up all my videos, music, photos, etc.

The media server seems great, but the Time Machine function appears a little bit flaky – in that I can’t create a Time Machine disk bigger than 75gb.

Enjoy the video – and I’ll post more on the LX195 soon.

Any UK users wanting any questions answered just drop me a comment!

HP LX195 Budget Windows Home Server Review – Gizmodo

The Gadget: HP’s LX195, their stripped-to-the-core (but Apple Time Machine capable) implementation of the Windows Home Server, which comes with a 640GB internal drive, but can only be expanded via the four USB ports in the back.

The Price: $390

The Verdict: Quite good. If you weren’t quite sure Windows Home Server was right for you, and you have a family with both Mac and PC machines, the LX195 is an easy way to experiment without paying the $600ish dowry to hitch yourself to a full-blown EX machine.

The Catch: Like the EX HP Home Servers, you can retrieve individual files off the Time Machine backup, but you can’t use it to restore your machine at boot time. Which means if you don’t have a spare Mac in the house to grab the files off the server and load it onto a USB drive from which you can do a restore, you’ll have a more roundabout recovery process than you’d like.

The Point: The LX195 works just fine as a Home Server and a Time Machine target backup drive (its Gigabit Ethernet makes file transfers rather speedy), but lacks the extras the company just introduced to the EX485 and EX487 that allow users to stream and convert video to iPhones and PSPs. If all you want is the base functionality, this is definitely a fine choice. But at the same time, you have to look at Acer’s $400 solution that does have four expandable drive bays. But Acer’s might not have the iTunes server and media capabilities that HP does. [HP]

Relatively cheap, but maintains most of HP’s Home Server functionality

Doesn’t have the newer EX updates

No internal-expandable storage, only USB