Episode 104 – I have a rant and go Orange!

Even in the midst of a recession, a major telecoms company tries to scam it’s loyal customers with an unethical price rise. I cal so chat about online, the new Xbox Dashboard update with Sky included.

Xbox 360 Dashboard update review (fall 2011) — Engadget

Run Windows applications on a Mac with WinOnX | Techgoondu

OnLive – Android Market

OnLive Announces New iOS App That Offers Console-Quality Gaming On The Go | Cult of Mac

Tesco rolls out more free WiFi to stores | BitterWallet

The Orange price rise saga – is complaining getting us anywhere? | Which? Conversation

How to Check Your App Data Usage in iOS 5

App Store – Data Usage

iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas by [?] – Download iTunes – 12 Days of Christmas in the iTunes App Store

Advent Calendar 2011

Jawbone Up owners eligible for full refund, can keep the troubled band | The Verge

Renault debuts R-Link, an in-dash Android system with app market — Engadget

The Tracktor – Amazon Price Tracker

Online shopping in UK. Where to buy the most watched and most popular items for sale on eBay from Rikimbo

THE BAGEL TECH NETWORK – » Flushing a Billion

Logitech Harmony® One Advanced Universal Remote – (EU Plug) only £62.10 delivered @ Logitech – HotUKDeals


Episode 102 – Black Friday post Thanksgiving pre Xmas Gadget Gift Guide Special

A new smartphone appears in the Geek household! A fantastic podcast manager recommendation from Steve for iOS , and a profile setter for Android phones, PLUS the Xmas TOP TEN Gadget Guide!

BBC iPlayer – Stephen Fry on the Phone: Creating the Network

App Store – Downcast

Androinica » 9 Ways to Make Android automatic with Tasker

Setting Profiles Full – Android Market

10gb free storage

Top 10 Gadgets

10. UP by Jawbone | Make Healthy Living Fun & Social 

9. Bose® SoundDock® digital music system: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

8. Parrot AR.Drone Wi-Fi Quadricopter for iPhone / iPod / iPad 

7. iWatchz Q Collection Wrist Strap for iPod Nano 6G: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics 

6. Clingo Phone and Media Stand: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics 

5. Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargable Battery for iPhone: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics 

4. Kindle e-Reader with Wi-Fi, 6″ Display 

3. CableJive xlSync Extra Long 2M Dock Cable for Apple Devices – Black

2. OnLive Game System 

1. TeckNet® Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh 1.5Amp Output: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Episode 12 – Be scared at your local Starbucks!

Its Hallowe’en tomorrow, so a with just a little seasonal twist to tonight’s podcast!  Also pleased to announce that we are now a member of the Tech Podcast Network!

Security at WiFi hotspots

Happy Birthday to the Internet!

A great article about podcasting on the move!

Future changes to Apple Stores?

iPhone out on Orange – November 10th!

App Store now at over 100,000 applications

New HD Sky EPG – now with search, “stacks” and HD ITV – A review

ITV HD Instructions

Mac App of the Week

Garagebuy for mac

iPhone app of the Week

WordPress 2

Bargain of the Week

Forza 3 for the Xbox 360

Website of the Week

Movie Mistakes

Free iPhone Cases – courtesy of mygeekShopLeave a comment!

iTunes Reviews please!

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Happy hallowe’en!!!

Ronz Apple pumpkin

Episode 10 – Remembering the Atari ST

Going to Bournemouth in the morning for a couple of days. Resolved to last the weekend on only the iPhone! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the podcast tonight.



Snow Leopard Bites Back!

Sky on your XBox

£55 for the new COD game?

Jailbreak news

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse


Retrobit – The Atari 520 ST

iPhone App of the Week


Mac App of the Week


Bargain of the week

MP3 speaker – £7.99

Website of the Week

a nice cup of tea and a sit down

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I Confess I’m a Geek – Episode 2 – Death of the Games Console?

Thanks to the guys at Blubrry and Powerpress – especially Angelo who helped with publishing last week’s show.

iMac back from repair – restore from Timecapsule fail

Update on Applecare – other devices covered free (time capsule/displays)

Covers Apple hardware products, including:
An Apple computer
An Apple mouse and keyboard when included with a covered computer or purchased with Mac mini
An Apple display when purchased with a covered Mac mini, Mac Pro, or MacBook Pro computer
An AirPort Extreme Card, Airport Express or Airport Extreme Base Station, Time Capsule, MacBook Air Super Drive, and Apple RAM when used with a Mac covered by the AppleCare Repair Agreement

Spotify and the internet music revolution

Connectivity – Reading to Stafford by train

Sony PS3 update

“Death of the Games Console?”

Millions Risk Prosecution in Piracy purge!

Bargain of the Week

Eidos Championship Manager 2010 for £2.51 (£29.99 in September)

iPhone App of the Week

Sky Sports Apps

Cricket (£1.79)

Football FREE

The Sky Football App

The Sky Football App

The Sky Cricket App

The Sky Cricket App

Website of the Week


Lego – Pick a Brick

Lego Factory

Podcast Comments invited

Deals from the Geek

TEN Reasons to Switch to Snow Leopard

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10 Ways Microsoft’s Retail Stores Will Differ From Apple Stores – PC World

Microsoft announced plans to open retail stores, hoping to boost visibility of many of its products and its brand. The move seems to be an effort to mimic the success that Apple has had with its retail stores. The news is just too tempting not to have some fun with. So here are some yet-to-be-officially-revealed details about the Microsoft stores.

1) Instead of Apple’s sheer walls of glass, Microsoft’s stores will have brushed steel walls dotted with holes — reminiscent of Windows security.

2) The store will have six different entrances: Starter, Basic, Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. While all six doors will lead into the same store, the Ultimate door requires a fee of $100 for no apparent reason.

3) Instead of a “Genius Bar” (as Apple provides) Microsoft will offer an Excuse Bar. It will be staffed by Microsofties trained in the art of evading questions, directing you to complicated and obscure fixes, and explaining it’s a problem with the hardware — not a software bug.

4) The Windows Genuine Advantage team will run storefront security, assuming everybody is a thief until they can prove otherwise.

5) Store hours are undetermined. At any given time the store mysteriously shuts down instantaneously for no apparent reason. (No word yet on what happens to customers inside).

6) Stores will be named Microsoft Live Retail Store with PC Services for Digital Lifestyle Enthusiasts.

7) Fashioned after Microsoft’s User Account Control (UAC) in Vista, sales personnel will ask you whether you’re positive you want to purchase something at least twice.

8) Xbox 360 section of the store will be organized in a ring — which will inexplicably go red occasionally.

9) DreamWorks will design a scary in-store theme park ride called “blue screen of death.”

10) Store emergency exits will be unlocked at all times so people can get in anytime they want even if the front doors are locked.

via 10 Ways Microsoft’s Retail Stores Will Differ From Apple Stores – PC World.

Crumpler the Gimp – A Case for the Macbook

When buying expensive gadgets it is always prudent to protect them.  Not any case will do though – sometimes it has to have style!  This is where Crumpler comes in with some very clever designs. When you look at the detail that has gone into these, you realise that they must have been designed by gadget lovers.

Crumpler the Gimp

Crumpler the Gimp

Some of the nice little touches include the plastic covered zip pull to prevent accidental scratching, and the elastic holders in the top so that you can use your macbook in the case while it sits on your lap.  They are made of neoprene and are fairly well padded to prevent knocks and bumps.

Note: The elastic in the corner

Note: The elastic in the corner

They are available in lots of different colours and for the entire range of Apple notebooks (other, more inferior, laptops will fit as well!).  They cost under £20.

Buy it here!

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor £29.99 from Gamestation – or is it a scam?

Thought I got a bargain this morning in Gamestation.  An Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor for £29.99, IF you buy a new xbox product. So, after deliberating over the in-store advertising for about 3 seconds, I chose a £4.99 game and went to the till. But they didn’t have any to sell! No more will come in, no-one else has them! Bah, humbug!

I have written to the nice people at Gamestation (below) – to see what they think – especially as there’s loads of stock on their website – not at £29.99 but at £59.99!

The Elusive Xbox 360 adaptor

The Elusive Xbox 360 adaptor

“I must say how disappointed I am after  trying to buy a wireless xbox 360 network adaptor from your stores. I went into the Maidenhead store this morning and picked up on you fantastic offer of buying an adaptor for £29.99, if you buy new product. I took the case to the till to be told they were out of stock, they weren’t getting anymore, and no other Gamestation in the country had them (the salesman was obviously a genius as he didn’t need to check the till to tell me all this).  I come home to discover that your website has lots of stock but at the unseasonally humbug price of £59.99!

Can you tell me please how I can obtain one of these wonderful devices for the price advertised in your stores? Or has the season of goodwill come to an end already?




Hello David,

Thanks for your email.

Here at Gamestation.co.uk the prices and bundles that are advertised may be different to the ones that are advertised in the Gamestation stores. This is because the Gamestation website and the Gamestation stores both operated as separate entities and therefore both have different prices.

When prices and bundles do differ the store will not be able to match the price that is on the Gamestation website and vice versa.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0845 345 0335 or drop us an email.


John Patrick
Email Administrator

This is just an email sent by a Robot!

Anyway, I went to the High Wycombe branch today where the deal was again heavily advertised – lots of empty packets on display but no stock.  I then went to Bracknell where I was told the deal finished on the 1st!  Does anyone at Gamestation know what they are doing?

Have you been scammed in the Sales or at Xmas?  Let me know and I’ll take it up for you!

Email me here: