Episode 107 – If I put CES in the title will I get more listeners?

A review of CES (well a mini review!). A quick ramble about Netflix’s launch in the UK, and I excited about my new toy!

The Netflix Versus LoveFilm SmackDown: Which One is Worth Your Money? | Gizmodo UK

D-Link’s All In One Mobile Companion is gonna lighten the load of your checked baggage — Engadget

Samsung’s WiFi-enabled cameras hands-on — Engadget

Roku coming to UK and Ireland at end of January | The Verge

Amazon Link to the Roku – preorder now!!

Never Get Dust Or Bubbles Under Your Screen Protector Again With The PureTek Roll-On [CES 2012] | Cult of Mac

Sony SmartWatch hands-on (video) — Engadget

Sony Ericsson reveals SmartWatch and other Xperia goodies for Android accessorizing — Engadget

ThinkGeek :: iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet

Click to watch this video

iCade – Amazon link

imame4all – MAME for ALL iOS and Android Devices. – Google Project Hosting

How to Use Skype On a Plain Old HDMI-Equipped TV | Gizmodo UK

12 Reasons Why I Love My ReadyNAS Duo Network Attached Storage Device

Starbucks launches ‘pay by app’ for iPhone users – Telegraph

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