Episode 37 – Something for the weekend?

The trials and tribulations of trying to become an iPhone 4 owner plus some great App recommendations.


New Xbox

ShopTo.Net – Xbox 360 250gb Console Black – Microsoft Xbox 360

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”

iPhone 4 preordering


Swap my sim – Enter mobile number

O2 | iPhone 4 | Swapping from a standard sim to a micro sim

iOS4 upgrade on the 21st

AA App

Invaders world Tour

Google Earth for the iPad

PLUS a few World Cup Links

Cinch (recommended by a Genius bod)

2 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Something for the weekend?

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for another interesting podcast – well in advance of the actual date!

    I know I am one of the listeners, who wrote (complained!) about the podcast not being as regular as I would have liked. However, just wanted to comment on the consistency that has been shown in the recent past, which is really appreciated. Doing a podcast, in advance of the pre-set date due to the fact that you would not have been able to do it otherwise, shows real commitment to the show and to the listeners. Just wanted to say thank you once again for your efforts.

    Also some time back, another listener had made a comment about the podcast not being as ‘tech/geek’ as it used to be – and I kind of agreed at the time. However, again, the podcast appears to have been freshened up, with lots of tech/geek and interesting material being covered every single week.

    The podcast is now consistent, full of tech/geek stuff and is certainly going from strength to strength. Really hope you keep up the good work David.

  2. I am another listener who complained a lot about the podcast not being regular. Also commented on the fact that when the sun comes out the podcasts disappear (it became the regular reason for not doing a podcast) and for a while the tech/geek stuff seemed to disappear too. Anyway mate its really good to note that the podcast is now consistent and full of geek goodness. Good on ya mate for keeping the podcast regular and for covering some ‘real’ tech news/themes. The podcast is back to its best and long may it continue.

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