Episode 61 -We need more GRIT not Determination!

A nightmare weekend for a lot of Brits with the weather blocking roads, closing airports, and stopping trains. A very short show tonight, talking briefly about a couple of car apps, Apple TV, and Xmas telly!

When will the runway reopen?

Apple – Apple TV – MC572B/A – Best Buy UK

Western Digital TV Live HD Media Player: Amazon.co.uk

The Back of my TV (note hinged HDMI leads)

Duronic R1011A/2 High Speed 2 Metre HDMI Cable – Flexi

Windowshop for iPad on the iTunes App Store

iTunes 12 Days of Christmas for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Angry Britain – Beef

Free Print-and-Fold Guide Offers 10 Tips for First-Time Android Owners

TomTom’s Map Share update brings crowdsourced navigation to iPhone GPS app — Engadget

NAVIGON releases MobileNavigator 1.7, free help2park app | TiPb

Road Trip App

Call Of Duty: Black Ops


Starcraft 2

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  1. Hey,who here thinks the Zerg in starcraft 2 are rediculously hard to play with ?I mean come blizzard…diversity is one thing but this..

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