Episode 66 – Microsoft’s Vail is a #FAIL

After missing last week’s show because of flu, I croak and splutter through this week’s episode. I moan about Microsoft and their support of Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server 2011 Fails To Deliver Consumer Friendly Storage — MediaSmartServer.net

Setting Up My MediaSmart EX495 (part 1 of 2) From “The HP MediaSmart EX495 Experience with Lou Jacob: MediaSmart Home

Basic Strategy for Beginners – CivFanatics

Civilization on the app Store

2D Boy: Games

O2 plans free and open WiFi network across the UK, Sky picks up The Cloud — Engadget

BBC NEWS | UK | Crime maps delivered on internet

SuperSync Demo Movie

Switchers: Get “Learn the Switch to Mac” for a buck in the Mac App Store

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