Episode 82 – Head in the iClouds!

A rant, a ramble and a couple of recommendations. A typical podcast really! Its with our head in the clouds I ponder the best apps and websites for plane travel!


Nintendo Wii U controller, first hands-on! (video) — Engadget

How to build your own AirPlay audio system | Home & Car Players | Playlist | Macworld

News: Kinect PC support officially out – ComputerAndVideoGames.com

Xbox News: Forza 4 info blowout: Kinect, Top Gear, Career mode, Gameplay – ComputerAndVideoGames.com

Why The iPad Made Me Ditch My iPhone For A Nokia Dumbphone [Opinion] | Cult of Mac


Airline Seating Charts – Best Airplane Seats – SeatGuru

TripIt – Travel Itinerary – Trip Planner

British Airways – The iPhone app

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Travel Apps

pinkfroot – Home of Plane Finder, Ship Finder and more

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do in an Airport – The Planet D: Around the World Adventure Couple

Overhead Bin – Coffee, tea or tablet? Devices may soon trump seat-back entertainment


The Craziest Low Pass Flyby I’ve Ever Seen (Updated)


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