Lego Star Wars: Best Xbox game to play with a 4 year old?

Lego Star Wars Xbox 360

Lego Star Wars Xbox 360

We’ve had the Xbox now for over 2 years. I’ve had great fun killing aliens and Germans, but that sort of game isn’t very suitable to share with a 4 year old. Great fun was had by all downloading all the different demos on Xbox live, and then we discovered Lego Star Wars.

It’s a cracking game, full of humour, and any Star Wars fan will appreciate all the little in-jokes that are scattered all the way through. All 6 films are faithfully plotted in the game. The best thing though is that all the content is kid safe. There’s nothing better than being directed by my son to where all the secrets are or him helping me complete the puzzles.

The graphics are excellent, and all the original sound effects and musical score are used to make this game even more magical. When my son realised that this game was based on 6 movies, he was entranced by the droid characters R2-D2 and C3-PO.

This game is enormous in size and will take many hours to complete.

Highly Recommended!

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