Episode 23- The future’s so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades!

Wow – what a week! The iPad is announced – I give you my thoughts on it. Good and bad. A great bargain of the week – in fact I bought it this afternoon (and it wasn’t on line!)


It’s all about the iPad!

The OS

The  hardware

The Accessories

What will I do with it?

Scammers exploit iPad fever!

Sky Launches 3D TV in Pubs (so what?)

Bargain of the Week

HP Deskjet 2480 Р£34.24 from staples plus even more goodies thrown in.

App of the Week


iPhone (or iPad) app of the Week

Pixel Mags eg Mac User

Why don’t HP and Microsoft want me to buy their products?

I’m a big fan of Windows Home Server. This is the home/user-friendly way of having a central repositry for all your files, and a brilliant way of backing up all the PCs in a household. I plonked an OEM version of it on a defunct PC a couple of years ago. Most of the time it works well but my hardware is getting on a bit so I have started looking for an alternative.

That’s where the problems begin. The choice of kit available in the UK is woeful. HP do a fantastic range of prebuilt home servers – great hardware and lots of great software additions on top of the basic Microsoft offerings – including TimeMachine compatability for the Mac (I have 3 in my house), music streaming, and great photo management – but guess what – NOT ONE is available here! Acer have just release a Home server Unit – NOT here though!

What is going on?

Where is Microsoft in all this? Don’t they want us to buy hardware with their software on it? Where are the Dell or Sony equivalents?

Some light at the end of the tunnel – HP have announced that the new LX195 Mediasmart Server (pictured below) will be here in the Fall (October?) – but why the wait? I thought there was a recession on? I though companies were desperate to sell product?


If anyone knows the answer please let me know or if anyone knows a way of getting one here, please drop me line!