The Sat Nav Song – The Legoshire Hot Pots

I.m researching a new car purchase at the moment and found this cute song!


Episode 17 – Good Evening Pop Pickers!

Its a double featured show tonight with the pick of the top 10 gadgets for geeks this Xmas, AND a quick rundown of my favourite music apps for mac, PC and iPhone!


My Netgear Router is playing up – just bought a Lynksys WAG54G2

All our Xmas shopping is done – most of it online and stress free!

Link to interview with David Allen at Mac20q

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Trackpad in your car

Take credit cards on your iPhone

Chrome OS peeps out

10 cross platform apps

Top 10 Gadgets for Xmas

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Part 2

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PC App

Tag and Rename

iPhone App

Now Music Quiz!

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Make a mount for  for your bike for £3

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Amazon £3 album deal in MP3 war – Take That!

I’m a big iTunes fan. It’s convenient, it’s got loads of choice, and prices are reasonable. However, there is now a new kid on the block. Amazon are selling MP3s.

They are DRM free – meaning, there are no restrictions on how many computers, or devices, you can put the tunes on.

They are great quality – ALL Amazon music is coded at 256kps – not all iTunes music is.

They are cheap – lots of albums at £3, single tracks from 59p.

Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon MP3 Store

I tested the store by downloading a couple of tracks. An Amazon program has to be downloaded first – this looks after your music, and using this you know the status of any downloads. You can also specify where you want the music to go. There is also an option for iTunes to add any music that you download, straight into the library.

Download speed was excellent – and all artwork was correctly attached. A very easy way to buy music. The range of albums was also very good – at the time of writing – Take That’s brand new release was available for just £3. Cheaper than a closing down sale at Woolworths!

Amazon MP3 Store

Amazon £3 album deal in MP3 war | This is Money.