Episode 33 – The Home and Garden Show

A slight change to format this week, with websites, apps, and gadgets all about doing up the house and tidying up the garden.


Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ to include USB tethering, WiFi hotspot functionality — Engadget

How to delete your Facebook account – Telegraph

Instant Mac gaming as Steam service expands | BitterWallet

WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features

The iPad Travels the World, via eBay

The Garden

iPhone | RHS Gardening App

My Garden iPhone App

BBC – Gardening – Design


Karcher Pressure Wash

The House

Spring Cleaning Tips

Painting & Decorating – how to videos Painting & Decorating

Evostick App

HandyMan App


Bargain of the Week

Cordless Screwdriver

Cloud Storage

Dropbox – Files – Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy.

Box.net | Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacement, Team Workspaces ~ Free Version

Online Storage | Share Files with Shared Folders | Windows Live SkyDrive

Review of TWO Macally snap on cases for the iPad

Macally have always been proficient in the gadget protection industry, and it comes as no surprise to discover that with the launch of the iPad, a plethora of products are winging their way into stores.

Like most gadget fans who were drooling at the announcement of the iPad way back in January, I picked one up in the first week of launch. Being based in the UK, I had to personally import it, and of course as the iPad isn’t released outside of the US yet, there is a distinct lack of cases available over here. Luckily Macally have a very strong European presence, and have released their range early!

They kindly sent me 2 variations of the METRO range of protective snap on cases. These encase the iPad’s case back by gripping the corners. This leaves the beautiful fascia of the iPad free from any distractions or lumps and bumps.

The cases are extremely light, but seem to be very durable indeed. Full access is given to all switches and ports.

The METRO-IMD has a shiny finish with a black on dark grey plaid pattern. This looked very stylish, provided some grip, but did offer up another surface that would attract fingerprints.

The METRO-B on the other hand had a soft touch feel to it, and provided, in my opinion much more grip, and less of a fingerprint magnet.

If you don’t mind a lack of protection to the front of the iPad, these cases are ideal. The back of the iPad is the most likely part of the device which would scratch, and so get my vote for protecting MY iPad!

In terms of price these are very competitive coming in at just a shade under £25.

For more info and a list of stockists visit http://www.macally-europe.com/

Episode 24 – Here comes the sun

Ahhh, spring peeks its head through the dismal grey of winter this week, just reminding us in the UK, of what the sun looks like! I fall out with Amazon this week, just like 1 or 2 book publishers it seems. Maybe some of our thoughts turn to summer holidays? Is there an app for that?

The Cancel Sky deadline approaches…






iPhone Apps of the Week



WebSite of the Week


Bargain of the Week

2tb Hard Drive!!

A bit of Computing History

Alan Turing

My idea for a new App – listen to find out!

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Dixons – “The last place you want to go!”

Travelling around the London Underground yesterday, we came across this surprising campaign for online electronics retailer dixons.co.uk…


Eschewing Dixons’ usually bland ad approach, the posters (which were created by M&C Saatchi in London) cheekily recognise the brand’s position in the electronics market, which is pretty much at the bottom. The ads acknowledge a habit that many of us may recognise with some guilt – that we will get advice about expensive goods at a more upmarket store, but then nip online to make the actual purchase, where it is cheaper.


Using the familiar fonts from a number of popular London retailers – Selfridges and John Lewis are shown here, and other iterations include Harrods – the ads open with a description of the benefits of shopping in these stores, before then reverting to the Dixons font with the line “then go to dixons.co.uk to buy it”. The self-harm/awareness continues with the ads’ tagline, which is “the last place you want to go”.

We’re used to hearing about how brands are going to be more transparent in the modern age, but it makes a pleasant change to actually see such self-knowledge put at the centre of an ad campaign, and it will be interesting to see how successful it proves to be.

via Creative Review – Dixons gets honest.

Gizmodo UK : Today Is The UK’s Busiest Online Shopping Day

Gizmodo UK : Today Is The UK’s Busiest Online Shopping Day.

Read this before you buy it!!

Read this before you buy it!!

Yes, it’s official, computers all over the country are glowing red hot today, while internet users cross people of their Xmas shopping spreadsheets.

THREE things spring to mind though:

  1. How do I know the purchases I am making will turn up?
  2. How do I avoid credit card fraud and dodgy online stores?
  3. How do I afford it all?

To cover points one and two, I can recommend reading this article in today’s Daily Telegraph:

It’s a great guide to using Credit Cards wisely and following basic online security rules.

So, how DO you afford all your purchases at Xmas? Here’s MY list!

  1. Clear out all last year’s unwanted presents, and old CDs or DVDs, and sell them on Ebay. Just make sure you describe all products to their best advantage, start ALL your auctions at 99p, (don’t use a BUY IT NOW – you might have a rarity – and the market out there will find it!) Charge the right amount for post (include cost of jiffy bag – if it is an expensive item ALWAYS charge and use Special Delivery) – sign up to Paypal – it’s safer.
  2. Earn money while you shop – Use quidco.com – my article is here.
  3. Go to hotukdeals.com for the very latest bargains.
  4. Go to the moneysavingexpert.com here – for MORE bargain news.
  5. Go to Offer of the Day – for EVEN more bargains.
  6. Have a look at this site for lots of money off vouchers.
  7. Make sure you are signed up to store loyalty cards. The best value one on the market is Boots, where you earn 4pts for every £, and more on special offers. I got 2500pts (£25 worth) last week spending £50 on 3 fragrance sets.
  8. Sell your old books on Amazon Marketplace: register, type in barcode or ISBN number, and away you go!
  9. Google is your friend when comparing prices on Big Ticket items – just don’t forget to add delivery (oh – and don’t ever, ever use Pixmania.com)
  10. Subscribe to this site for ideas and moneysaving ideas!

Quidco.com – a nice little earner!

How much do you spend online in a year? £500? £1000? £3000?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to be paid commission for your own shopping?

Well you can!

Over the last 3 years I have earned nearly £3000, just by shopping.

I use a website called Quidco.

Just a few of the merchants that pay out on Quidco

Just a few of the merchants that pay out on Quidco

Using it is very simple.

  1. Register on their site.
  2. Find the Shop you want to buy from on their site.
  3. Click through.
  4. Shop.
  5. Wait for your money.

Quidco will take the £5 a year from your account, but the payouts are quite lucrative. For example, I bought an Apple Macbook last month for £1149, and earned £60 from Quidco. Your cashbacks are paid at the end of every month direct into your UK bank account. But it doesn’t stop there. Do you own a car or house? Do you need insurance? I earned £60 last month shopping around for car insurance for my mother. She got a great deal, and I made money from her purchase.

Buying a mobile phone phone? take advantage from the great deals that e2save.com or phones4u offer, but earn an additional £30-£100! There are also dozens of very small amounts to be earned for just comparing prices, signing up to surveys, etc.

Fancy a flutter? Earn £10 cashback, plus a free £10 bet by going to Coral or Ladbrokes. the list goes on!

Just a couple of public health warnings though.

Always click through the Quidco.com site – if you don’t – no cash back

It sometimes takes 3-4 months for some Companies to pay out.

Don’t depend on it! It can go wrong – some Retailers may go out of business before you are paid.

But if you go into this in the right way – use Quidco as a search engine – it can provide a small income very month – enough for a meal out occasionally – or for that special gadget treat.

Good Luck.