Xmas Review Pt 2: Swissgear Saturn Messenger Laptop Carry Bag

This was a gift that we gave my father-in-law for his new 17″ Dell Laptop (review to follow later). I spent hours looking for the right one as it is going to get lots of use because he travels abroad extensively.

Swissgear Saturn Messenger Bag

Swissgear Saturn Messenger Bag

So, I went for this one designed by Swissgear:

  1. It has loads of pockets – for files, a mobile phone, and cables.
  2. The handles and zips are extremely strong, and will take lots of abuse.
  3. The laptop fits! His new one is a giant of a 17inch desktop replacement and much protection is needed.
  4. It’s stylish, it does look good, and the Swiss flag branding is everywhere.
Lots of Storage!

Lots of Storage!

This bag also comes with a strong shoulder strap and fulfils most airline regulations in terms of size.

Well, the father-in-law seems over the moon with it and it will get a true test over the next couple of weeks as he travels for business.

This is available from Amazon for just under £32.